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Take control of your thoughts.
Take control of your life.
Live and work with ease! It’s easier than you think.

Take Control Now

Using research-based tools, I help you break through that cycle of worry and negative thoughts. By addressing the root cause of your worries, you can then move forward with building positive habits, one that serves you best.

When you are in control of your thoughts, you can handle life challenges better. You worry less and can focus on your goals. Live with purpose.
Live life with ease.
Let me show you how.

How can I help you?

We all have our own unique challenges in life that may hinder us from living a life with ease and achieving our goals and dreams. Whether you are feeling stuck, are facing personal or professional relationship issues, going through a phase with a major life transition, or are hindered by grief and trauma. I can help you at any stage with:

Coaching and Mentoring

From one-on-one coaching and mentoring to group and team coaching.

Workshops and Courses

Get introduced to the most effective tools and practices based on decades of research on positive intelligence, happiness, and self-leadership.

Counseling and Healing

Sometimes the best way to move forward is by first reevaluating the steps already taken, and applying healing and self-compassion to them.

What should we focus on?


Life coaching

Life coaching can help you break negative habits, help you understand yourself deeply, so you can achieve your life goals.


finding your Purpose

Do you feel lost, stuck, or can’t figure out your next steps? Living your life with purpose is key to a meaningful life. Discover it now.



Discover your true self and learn to live authentically without fear of judgement.



Relationship brings its own challenges, whether it is a family relationship (spousal, parent-child, etc.) or a professional relationship. Cultivating healthy relationships ensure a strong support network and enriched life.



Major life transitions such as marriage, caregiving, motherhood, going to university, or career change, can be stressful. Reaching out to a trained professional for guidance can help you transition with ease.


GRief and Trauma

No one goes through life without experiencing grief and trauma. When such events happen, it can derail you momentarily, but also leave a lasting impact in your life unless resolved. Does your past or loss of a loved one hinders you from living your life fully?

For organizations

Workplace and Employee Well-being

Farmers always pay attention to the quality of the soil. It is the crucial capital they have to ensure maximum yields. A good leader also understands that the most effective way to maximize outcomes is by paying the greatest attention to its people and workplace culture. For an organization, this means genuinely caring about the well-being of its employees .

Happy employees are crucial to the success of any organization. Research shows that employees who are happy and satisfied in their work are more productive, engaged, and committed to their jobs. This can have a positive impact on the overall success of the organization. Some of the benefits of happy employees, as supported by research are:

Healthier workforce

Happy employees are more likely to take care of their health and well-being. They are less likely to call in sick, and they are more likely to make healthy choices, such as exercising and eating well. This can lead to a healthier workplace overall, with fewer absences and a more positive atmosphere.

Better teams and more effective leadership

A happy workplace is tied to easier, more effective collaboration and teamwork. There’s less interpersonal hostility and a greater likelihood of resolving conflicts. Happier leaders earn more respect, and people are more motivated to follow their vision.

Increased productivity

Workplace happiness is associated with higher motivation, perseverance towards goals, and overcoming challenges. Happy and motivated employees are more active at work and find enjoyment even in routine tasks. They are more creative, perform better, and are more productive.

Significantly better outcomes

Happy organizations don’t only earn the loyalty of their employees but also their clients. The Economics of Well-being report highlighted that increasing employee happiness can reduce turnover costs by as much as 52%.

Happiness and holistic well-being is a human right, and I am committed to helping anyone and any organization enjoy that right.

Are You Ready For The Change?

To know more about my practice and how we can work together, get in touch. I offer a free discovery call to get you started with the transformation you desire in your life.

About Me

I help transform people and organizations by creating happy workplaces

I’M Leilani CURA

I’m a licensed Social Worker,  Certified Happiness and Wellbeing Coach, and Co-founder of Metamorphany Changemakers

I have helped individuals, teams, and communities rise up to challenges and become active partners in development.

My work and many life transitions have inspired me to help people that are stuck or hindered by trauma and negative self-belief. My goal is to guide people on how to achieve a happy and fulfilled life through coaching, mentoring, training, and counseling.

I help organizations put Employee Happiness and Well-being at the heart of their work. A happy workplace has proven many benefits both to the organization and its clientele.